Monday, July 21, 2014

The circles are forming! - The Galilee Healing Sisterhood

 Slowly but consistently, circles of women that want to learn with us are forming, here in the western Galilee.
"The Galilee Healing Sisterhood" - GHS is rolling on and the road is opening:

*First circle - in Tamera, a town that is mainly Arab Muslim;
*Second circle - in Sajur, a mainly Druze town;
*Third circle - in Maalot Tarshiha, a city that unites all the cultures, Christians, Jews and Muslims;
and counting... 

=At this time, we create groups close to home, in a language that's close to home, after receiving the invitation from the women of the area.
=These circles serve for receiving tools for living a multi-cultural life, tools of NVC (Non Violent Communication) and women empowerment, tools for health in a society that is full of trauma, and off course, tools for video-docu creation and mindfulness. 
=The groups are bilingual, in Hebrew and Arabic.
=From these circles that are taking the intro workshops, we shall form the group that will join a full year course. 
=At this time - Anat and Nadia have joined us for the teaching, Samira and Nidham as administrative help, and Noa as a solid support throughout the whole project !

*In Julis - a Druze village in the area, at the "Medica" alternative medicine school, we are opening a course for "reducing stress and anxiety in everyday life, through mindfulness". This course is open for everyone: Arab-Jews, women-men, and derives too from the course of the GHS. It too will touch upon the effect of trauma in our life and how to resource etc.

*If this interests you, or anyone you may know,
if you feel like interesting someone or some group from the Western Galilee area, hurry up and connect between us!

Or leave a message at 077-6639903

and we will see to which initial group you would want to join,
and you'll get all the info that's needed for making a decision and registration. 

We will be glad for any help in translation to Arabic
and for help as assistants in the groups.

 We can only repeat and emphasize especially at this very shaken time, a time in which great violence thunders in this country and its neighbours,
that these issues are even more important and relevant to our lives now ! 
After all, we know that unresolved trauma that hasn't been dissolved and shed off from the nervous system, might cause more violence, as well as inter-generational trauma :-(

What's in it at a glance:
Shedding off the trauma from the nervous system, tools to be used in the everyday life to restore the spiritual-emotional health, and the need to communicate our needs; The transition between the Trauma Vortex that pulls us to believe in a narrow, pessimistic perspective, into the Healing "Vortex" and the space of possibilities that gives delight to the spirit, spiritual resilience and vitality;
The possibility to reach the source of creation at an hour of pain and sadness; To find resources, insights and strengths to choose life.

 All these are tools needed especially for us women, to be transmitted to children and the community as well.
Tools for our sensation, so we could speak out our truth without shame, to create and lead a social net that is sane, cooperative and clear.

 Let us be light to ourselves and our surrounding, and show there is another way.

if you feel like interesting someone or some group from the Western Galilee area, hurry up and connect between us!

Or leave a message at 077-6639903 

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