Friday, December 16, 2016

Joining the Red Cross and the Health department- training Arabic speaking Social workers- Trauma and Resiliency- for wounded Syrians

ToWo group have been invited to train Arabic speaking Social workers, in Nahariya and Tzfat hospitals

Trauma and the Mind, Mindfulness, MBSE - mindfulness based somatic therapy for trauma and resiliency. 4 full days over a month. Ms. Juditta Ben-David MA SEP, Ms. Dunia Brodi MA, and Ms. Jumana MD, mental health professionals and trauma specialists, are training the social workers in Hebrew and Arabic. All the participants are counselors that work with the wounded Syrians, in various departments of the hospital.
It's been a delightful interactive eye and heart opening series till now. Working with women and men from the Muslim and Druze community and their specific cultural conditioning regarding the body and yet approaching it in self reflection, patience and deep listening, has been a challenge worthwhile. We believe it is an act of healing for the Social workers as well as to the Syrians that they will treat. We have a couple more days to go. 

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The feedback from the group is amazing
The group has been sharing of vicarious trauma as well as about the stress of the work, which can be at times emotionally conflictual.
It's a novel idea for them, SE MBSE CRM - psychophysical techniques and Mindfulness, yet backed by so much research and theory - they are joining us in curiosity, role play, personal experiences, and lots of questions.

Syrians have been arriving for the last 5 years to the Israeli Hospitals in the north, since the beginning of this long ongoing war- for medical help through the connection with the Red Cross.
Quite a few good thousands have received valuable treatment, families, children, women and men.
Their stories and their wounds are severe, and the staff had very little experience and/or knowledge of the emotional-body-mind side of trauma work, for the Syrians as well as for themselves.

Our materials have been translated to Arabic, so that the tools can be shared easily.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Mindfulness in Arabic- A new and Unique project !!!

Check out our new page for the upcoming Mindfulness in Arabic campaign

We've gathered a good group of translators and web designers, a nice group of volunteers to support the project.

The violent situation in the Middle East as well as the ongoing refugee wave, displaced people outpouring from Syria and the Arabic countries, is a strong call to create Mindfulness meditations in Arabic.

ToWo is a group composed of volunteers. Most of us are professional women, from all faiths, who train and facilitate cross-cultural women's groups, bilingually. We work in coed groups with Syrians and other refugees. Our premise is that trauma robs us of the present moment, and healing occurs in the present body-mind.

Refugee Aid workers in Turkey, Palestinian women in the West Bank, Druze women in the Galilee, German refugee counselors, and social workers in Israel have all insisted that Mindfulness practices like this are imperative in Arabic.  

We are proposing a project consisting of at least 3 Mindfulness meditations in Arabic, up to a full 8 week course. The materials will be offered on the internet freeland will be supported online by a member of our group. We see great potential in being able not only to translate these meditations to Arabic, but also to find the right way to make them handy and useful for those that would like to take the practice on the go !

Monday, December 21, 2015

Beautiful Women gathered to share our Womanhood

Beautiful Women gathered to share our Womanhood
Jewish Muslim Christian, Israeli Palestinian
Building our relationship through our Commonalities 
Sharing our pain and our knowledge
Drinking in a new perspective - of our Healthy Possibilities
What a delightful conference !

Here are a few pictures

Monday, July 27, 2015

Back to Istanbul- ** for relief workers **- working with the Syrian refugees **

JuDitta Ben David (ToWo) was invited again, to join TRI in Turkey, as a colleague and expert in the field of trauma treatment and resiliency building.
She will support in facilitating the Turkish training for Syrian refugee relief workers, therapists, counselors, social workers, and ngo aid.
This is the second time Juditta will arrive in Turkey for this cause, in 2015, to share the practice.
We do need your help !
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Turkey has known many upheavals; As we know there are now close to 2 million Syrian refugees in Turkey. Most of them living in tent cities on the border. Arabic Kurdish and Yazidis. In order to continue to receive the basic support, of food health and schools, they cannot leave these tent cities. This situation is a breeding place for many severe problems, and leaves too many in survival mode. The therapists, counselors, and aid workers need all the support they can.
These trips and the work there are not paid for.
The training is given generously to the relief workers, training and accommodation are covered for; Yet the facilitators need to find ways to cover their own expenses. 
The cause is a good one, and definitely one requested and needed by the field. Last time we trained some 30 people, which found it very helpful and practical.
We need to raise funds to at least cover expenses of Juditta's travel, and accommodation there.
We're looking at an expense of 250 $ for the flight
and 300 $ for the accommodation
That is a modest request by all means.
Please Donate here with PayPal --- on the right corner of this post
or send us an email and we shall get back to you asap
Thanks !!

the team and participants from our last visit there

Working with displaced people, women men and kids, in such aggressive and war afflicted regions, where trauma and trauma symptoms are prevalent, and with so much uncertainty as to their future, is a tough call. 
These tools of emotional first aid are like fresh water to them.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

8 sessions of Tools for Trauma, first aid SE_EFA, Multi-Cultural women groups Galilee

8 sessions of Tools for Trauma, first aid SE_EFA, Multi-Cultural women groups.
From the Galilee Healing Sisterhood of ToWo group; supported by the Mateh Asher council.
Led by Juditta Ben-David and Nidham Haiagny
8 Mondays beginning the 13th of April
Matna"s Naaman, near Akko.
Registration :

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

An exciting collaboration - working w/ Syrian refugees

**An exciting collaboration between ToWo project and TRI- Trauma Resource Institute- in Turkey! **

JuDitta Ben David (ToWo) was invited by Mrs. Elaine Miller-Karas, the executive director and co-founder of TRI, as a colleague and expert in the field of trauma treatment, to participate in a humanitarian project in Turkey for Syrian refugees.

This project offered a workshop for relief therapists and staff who work with Syrian Yazidi and Kurd refugees in the eastern and south eastern border of Turkey. The population that has experienced seperation destruction intimidation and death, largely still live in tent camps, unable to return to where their house use to be and without the ability to make home wherever they are. A population that due to their ongoing transient status is still in survival mode and defenseless.

The workshops theme is CRM- Community Resiliency Model; A development of the SE (somatic experience), Brain research, Mindfulness, and understanding their application in building community resilience. The technique is backed up by research.

TRI, like the ToWo group, share and provide the basic psycho-physical aid tools in major trauma afflicted areas. (ToWo has already offered successfully similar workshops in South Africa, and Ireland, and TRI in Mexico, Rwanda, and the Philippines). Both, ToWo and TRI train groups and individuals in the field so that they can deliver these tools further on in their communities. ToWo has specialized in working with women's groups.

It was a successful workshop that was given voluntarily. The participants were flown in to a comfortable university in Istanbul for the study and practice.

JuDitta will write a few words about her experience later.

CRM workshop will take place in Israel too and JuDitta was asked to be their representative here.

We wish for further cooperation between the two organizations- who share a similar vision.

more info and a possibility to donate at:

Thursday, December 25, 2014

OMG a forth venue for the Galilee Healing Sisterhood !!

 Slowly but consistently, circles of women that want to learn with us are forming, here in the western Galilee.
"Galilee Healing Sisterhood" - GHS is rolling and the road is opening:

A forth venue: Matteh Asher
A course opening on January 11th , 2015 !!
Open to the public,
first step is NVC and then Trauma therapy Skills SE_EFA
write to: or
for registration and info.

Hope to see you there.
We could use your financial support, to bring these tools to as many communities in this region
All these courses are being subsidized by our volunteers kind work and teaching.

Please use the Paypal option here, or write to us for a tax deduction option.

*** For many more circles to bring healing and resiliency skills,
Happy Holidays of Light .***

The course is full ! There's a waiting list for the next course ....