Thursday, June 9, 2016

Mindfulness in Arabic- A new and Unique project !!!

Check out our new page for the upcoming Mindfulness in Arabic campaign

We've gathered a good group of translators and web designers, a nice group of volunteers to support the project.

The violent situation in the Middle East as well as the ongoing refugee wave, displaced people outpouring from Syria and the Arabic countries, is a strong call to create Mindfulness meditations in Arabic.

ToWo is a group composed of volunteers. Most of us are professional women, from all faiths, who train and facilitate cross-cultural women's groups, bilingually. We work in coed groups with Syrians and other refugees. Our premise is that trauma robs us of the present moment, and healing occurs in the present body-mind.

Refugee Aid workers in Turkey, Palestinian women in the West Bank, Druze women in the Galilee, German refugee counselors, and social workers in Israel have all insisted that Mindfulness practices like this are imperative in Arabic.  

We are proposing a project consisting of at least 3 Mindfulness meditations in Arabic, up to a full 8 week course. The materials will be offered on the internet freeland will be supported online by a member of our group. We see great potential in being able not only to translate these meditations to Arabic, but also to find the right way to make them handy and useful for those that would like to take the practice on the go !


Jan Kingston said...

I have and continue to study Arabic, and I am studying Somatic Experiencing, which serves and helps heal those with PTSD. I am _thrilled_ to see this Mindfulness program in Arabic. Thank you!!

Tina Mogensen said...

This is fantastic!!! I am a Danish Psychologist and mindfulness teacher living in Qatar for the past 7 years. We are also interested in translating mindfilness meditations and practices into Arabic and I have a contact to a Palestinian Yoga teacher that will do some translation work for us. We are also a group af professional women eager to help and as we are the the region we would be flexible. Please let me know how we could connect to perhaps join your amazing and important work .. Tina"
Peace and light, Tina

Cécile et Philippe said...

Hello!!! I'd loved to support writting about you project in yoga journal in France... Could you contact me for an interview?

fro77 said...

Wow this is Amazing. I have a PhD in psychology and works with refugees in the USA. I would love to participate if you need help.