Monday, April 17, 2017

Mindfulness in Arabic! Has launched !! Our Indeigogo campaign - Check it out !

Trauma Robs you of the Present- 
Mindfulness Trauma Refugees and the point of mother tongue
ToWo group and GHS are working passionately towards launching Mindfulness in Arabic (MiA), an online project consisting of a full 8 week mindfulness course in the Arabic language that will be made available freely.

The violent situation in the Middle East and the outpouring of displaced people and refugees from Syria and other Arabic-speaking countries are a strong call to create Mindfulness meditations in Arabic. Refugee Aid workers in Turkey, Palestinian women in the West Bank, Druze women in the Galilee, German refugee counselors, and social workers in Israel have all insisted that Mindfulness practices like this are imperative in Arabic.

A volunteer-based group comprised of women from different faiths, ToWo works in coed groups with Syrians and other refugees. The project is based on the basic premise that trauma robs us of the present moment, and healing occurs in the present body-mind. The first meditations are already being shared with the social workers working with wounded Syrians in a hospital setting.

We are proposing a project consisting of a full 8 week course. The materials will be offered on the internet freely, and will be supported online by a member of our group. We see great potential in being able not only to translate these meditations to Arabic, but also to find the right way to make them handy and useful for those that would like to take the practice on the go!

The crowdfunding campaign for this unique project is was recently launched - please check it out!

It is an innovative trauma informed and culturally sensitive Mindfulness design.

We have already collected a wonderful team of volunteers and are lucky enough to have the support of leading members of the mindfulness community. Among them: Tara Brach, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield, Shinzen Young, Rick Hanson, Tovana- Insight Meditation society, Israel, Muda Center IDC, and the Bangor University Mindfulness dept, UK.

Any support, donation, and sharing will be truly appreciated!
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