Monday, June 30, 2014

C-R-T (center for religious tolerance) & the GHS (Galilee Healing Sisterhood)

We are very Happy and Grateful to be one of the projects that the C-R-T  has chosen to support this year. The GHS (Galilee Healing Sisterhood) course seems to be resonating with
  the C-R-T's focus of trauma informed communities,
and it is exciting to meet people and souls that have a similar vision and inspiration. We are very grateful for their generosity and confidence in the first steps of the GHS training.

Check out CRT MiniGrants program for 2013/14, "ToWo"'s in it :)

Here's a link to an interview with Andy Blanch, who in her life and work gives inspiration for women to make a change, since what's important, is that we see each other as ones who have capabilities and mastery.

Isn't she amazing and wise?

We still are in need of funds !

** To be able to complete the GHS training as intended, a full year professional course **,
throughout the lively multicultural woman setting here, be it Druze, Christian, Jews, Muslim, Buddhists,
and see the fruits in the women groups that our students will facilitate throughout the Galilee later :-)

If you are so inclined, and would like to Donate, Volunteer, Host an event, please contact us at:

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