Wednesday, February 11, 2015

An exciting collaboration - working w/ Syrian refugees

**An exciting collaboration between ToWo project and TRI- Trauma Resource Institute- in Turkey! **

JuDitta Ben David (ToWo) was invited by Mrs. Elaine Miller-Karas, the executive director and co-founder of TRI, as a colleague and expert in the field of trauma treatment, to participate in a humanitarian project in Turkey for Syrian refugees.

This project offered a workshop for relief therapists and staff who work with Syrian Yazidi and Kurd refugees in the eastern and south eastern border of Turkey. The population that has experienced seperation destruction intimidation and death, largely still live in tent camps, unable to return to where their house use to be and without the ability to make home wherever they are. A population that due to their ongoing transient status is still in survival mode and defenseless.

The workshops theme is CRM- Community Resiliency Model; A development of the SE (somatic experience), Brain research, Mindfulness, and understanding their application in building community resilience. The technique is backed up by research.

TRI, like the ToWo group, share and provide the basic psycho-physical aid tools in major trauma afflicted areas. (ToWo has already offered successfully similar workshops in South Africa, and Ireland, and TRI in Mexico, Rwanda, and the Philippines). Both, ToWo and TRI train groups and individuals in the field so that they can deliver these tools further on in their communities. ToWo has specialized in working with women's groups.

It was a successful workshop that was given voluntarily. The participants were flown in to a comfortable university in Istanbul for the study and practice.

JuDitta will write a few words about her experience later.

CRM workshop will take place in Israel too and JuDitta was asked to be their representative here.

We wish for further cooperation between the two organizations- who share a similar vision.

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